Foreigners can own it in your name

Foreigners can purchase a condo Support for Foreigners when considering buying a condo

Thailand is one of the most popular countries for tourists. It is also a country increasing in popularity where growing numbers of foreigners are staying, both for short-term (rent) and long-term. Evidently, when buying a condo in Thailand you can see the growing market of foreigners requiring condos and properties. If you have a friend or acquaintance who is a foreigner and who would like to purchase a condo today, Huahin Supsiri has comprised some easy steps to support a foreigner in buying a condo.

1. Choose the condo you like

Choosing a condo that you like, please choose the location, travel convenience, safety features and price. Also consider the facilities provided in the building and do they meet your needs. Another consideration might be your closeness to other people from your country

2. Check quota (the amount), check Foreigner quota, the proportion of land ownership in the condo which can check in 2 ways:

- Check through the Developer in case the condo purchased has not yet been built.

- Condo Juristic Person in the case of a condominium that has been completed already

3. Place a deposit down to reserve a room and make a purchase contract. The purchaser should make money to reserve a room to confirm that the selected room will not fall to someone else. What you will need to bring to make a reservation include: original Passport, the deposit, documents required to be signed including copies of the original Passport and contract.

4. Transfer of ownership

- Developer will send a letter or email or make an appointment for the ownership transfer

- The buyer will prepare their money or will take out a loan with the bank to transfer the fee.

- When the condo is completed the developer will invite you back to check the room.

- Transfer of rights to the Department of Lands

- Transfer the rest of the money to Developer or seller

Foreign documents to be prepared

  1. 4 copies of passport
  2. 2 copies of Immigration stamped pages
  3. All foreign money transfer certificates
  4. Trading documents, terms of individual purchase
  5. Contactable buyer information

Further information can be obtained via inquire of the project that you are interested in, there will be a Seller waiting for you to give you further information to support you in every detail. Foreigners have the right to own a condo with ease and cost-effectively so speak to us today.

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