5 point Checklists Considerations before buying a condo for residence

When choosing a condo, there are many factors that need to be considered before you decide on buying your condo. You will have lots of information you will need to obtain to support in your decision and choose the right condo.  Therefore, before you decide to buy a condo for your own residence, the following guidance has been put together to support you.

1. Check the list of needs

Check your list of needs when buying a condo these should be the factors you consider important for the condo and whether the properties meets these. Therefore the following factors should be considered when deciding on your condo: location, distance for travel, transportation, province, travel or meeting rooms, room size, suitability of the room for the number of people residing.

2. Check your own lifestyle habits

Your own lifestyle habits are considered important as this effects our daily living. What kind of lifestyles do we have? Is the surrounding location suitable for our lifestyles? These are all questions that should be considered in order to choose a condo that is more suitable for you and your lifestyle.

3. Check the social environment and behavior of neighbors

Social environment including neighbors are important to consider when choosing a condo. We should check that our own behaviors and habits are similar to our environment and neighbors to feel comfortable, relaxed and at home. This will have an affect on the community as a whole in feeling responsible of respectful of our environment which will mean that we take care of the building as a society. When establishing a condominium in which to live it is important to share the responsibility of making the area tidier and a happier place for all to live. Another factor to consider is the building management team and the corporate team who also play a role in the maintenance and environment in which you will live.

4. Check the purchase price

First of all, a budget should be set beforehand ensuring that you are able to buy the condo. Furthermore, it is important that you consider the balance of location and the various facilities of the condo before choosing to purchase a condo.

5. Check your ability to pay by installments

You should check that you are able to pay by installments and ensure the interest rate on the loan is within your capabilities for repayment. Consider if it is best to have a larger down payment to reduce the interest applied to the loan.

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